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I write, market and strategise your content. If you don’t want to employ a full-time marketing professional or writer, why not take on a short-term freelance writer and marketer who knows exactly what she’s doing?

After years of working in copywriting and managing marketing campaigns for many sectors, I am delighted to offer my services to companies. Whether your business is small, medium or large, I love building communities around brands with meaningful content. By working on the messaging on websites, social media and in print I ensure your brand stands out amongst the noise and help you get to the place you envision.

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Ciara Morgan copywriter

Copywriting is my specialty! Getting to the heart of each article I write is something I get such a thrill from. Particularly if it is helpful content that will leave a reader thinking and make them want to come back time and time again.

Proofreading and editing comes second nature – I am that annoying person who spots all grammar and spelling mistakes in books!

You need your content and hard work to get noticed and I want to get you there. There is something really satisfying in ensuring all of your content is optimised and reaching the right people. My goal with every client is to get you to that place of comfort.

SEO is one of those elusive terms we hear a lot but not many understand. It takes a lot of research and work but it is worth it with the great results it achieves.

What is content strategy I hear you scream. Content strategy, in my opinion, is key to successful marketing campaigns. Content strategy also ensures you are making the most of your videos, images and copywriting. I do full content reviews and strategy building for businesses to help them get on top of all your marketing needs.

Marketing campaigns are great fun! This is where we assess your business and audience needs and create a full marketing campaign that suits your product. I use my five years+ experience in marketing to help you find a way to market your business in an honest and fun way. I promote building communities through brands and any engagement we achieve through marketing campaigns will have community at the heart of it.



I study the marketing world so you don't have to! Check out my latest posts filled with information that can help you get ahead of the competition. Grab a cuppa and get stuck in!