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How to write a Good Blog Post

How to write a Good Blog Post

Writing a good blog post takes a lot of work and consideration. A blog for pleasure that you have no intention of growing is easy and can be written however you like! 

However, if it is for business then several essential elements always need to be referred to throughout for you to gain traffic and readers. When you get used to writing your blogs using these methods, they will become second nature. Blog posts take time and are worth putting that time into to get good results. So how do you create good blog posts that work for your site, audience and SEO?

Interesting content 

You will likely have audience personas created around your brand (and if you don’t already, do it today!) so that when you are writing content, you are writing it for the correct people. For example, my target audience is small businesses that are struggling to fit everything in. So I must write articles that give them insights on how to make marketing their business easier to fit into their lives!

Consider a list of relevant subjects and write them into a document to keep and refer to. If you have suggested subjects, but you’re not sure how to form an article from them, check the site Answer the Public for ideas from your key phrase. Commit to writing at least one good blog post a week. You can write many different angles on one subject so start a document today and keep adding to it. 

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Keep it interesting with these methods…

Google loves lists. If you number or bullet point a comprehensive list of your subjects of choice and someone googles a key phrase you are using in your SEO, Google will pull from top-ranking sites to show that list. Another method to always use is subheadings to split your post into sections to make it easier for the reader to digest. People have an eight-second attention span and when writing, this needs to always be in the back of your head! Education and entertainment in each paragraph are key to keeping your reader invested. 

Add value to your readers

Find an interesting take on certain subjects and make sure your content is adding value to your reader. If it is not, the reader will feel cheated and won’t return. Have you ever googled a subject, read the top article and realised it’s not that interesting or helpful? This is an example of an established site using good SEO and overall domain rating ranking them. However, they will not gain a sale or a follower with this method so it is important to always remember to add value. Good blog posts full of information are key to gaining trust! 

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For your post to pull in organic readers, it needs to always have good SEO. So what is this in regards to a blog post? SEO is so much more than what you do in individual blog posts but you need to be consistent throughout your site for it to work for you. 

Pick a keyword from the research you or a professional has done and insert this into your blog title, the first line of your blog post and use it once or twice throughout. Do not overuse it as Google does not like this! Hint: my keyword/phrase is ‘good blog post’ so check back and see how I have used these. Linking to other articles or relevant pages keeps a reader on your site and makes your SEO happy!

Start strong and hook them in!

Most blog posts lose their readers after the first few lines. So how can you make them stay? You need your first paragraph to hook them in! It needs to be easy to read, easy to follow and most of all, interesting and useful! 

Use other media 

Blog posts with images, GIFs, Videos and/or quotes throughout do well. As much as it might be painful to admit, living in a world of social media and having entertainment at our fingertips, it’s essential to keep your reader interested through these mediums. They must always be related to what you are discussing but they are an easy way to keep the reader engaged. 

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I hope you have found this helpful. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me directly at info@ciaramorgan.com. You can always find me active on my Instagram account here

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