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How to begin marketing your brand

How to begin marketing your brand

Marketing can be a daunting world when you’re not used to dealing with it. Most people start a new business without a clue how to build up their audience. Even for myself, all my experience is in marketing and I can market your brand without a single problem and with huge excitement – yet when it came to my own business I sat in my living room without a notion where to start and feeling completely overwhelmed. You know when you live with a person with a trade like plumbing and none of the toilets in your house work for months? I feel like the equivalent of that for marketing!

So how can you take control of marketing your business?


This is your most important factor when getting started. Your branding encompasses your colour palette, your logo, your tone of voice – basically everything you want your brand to represent and look like. I have more on how to build your brand online here.

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Do your research

Research decent marketing companies and professionals and subscribe to their marketing newsletters – one I love is Matt Nevarra. He sends a Geekout Newsletter once a week detailing the latest changes in social media so you can stay ahead. Digital Women is another great platform to connect with. They have informative webinars and a supportive facebook group that will keep you connected and up-to-date with the best ways to use social media.

Or connect with me and subscribe to my newsletter to get all the latest news in the marketing world tailored to small businesses – sorry, cheap shot in the blatant advertising I know, but it’s true!

Take it easy

Don’t try to take on everything at once, it is wildly overwhelming! If you are not accustomed to any advertising and marketing, there can be way too many platforms. There are complications to understand like algorithm, ways to advertise, how to reach engagement and market yourself. Choose which platform might suit your business best (click here for a breakdown of each).

Start slow and steady, get to know each platform slowly. The one where your business physically is, is your most important – i.e online or offline. If online, concentrate on your website and then slowly each social media page. If it is offline, then local leaflet drops might be best or the simple act of going around each shop to introduce yourself could be your ticket to word spreading. Working well with your employees and ensuring they are well looked after and spreading your message is marketing in itself.

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Building a community

Once you are beginning to build content and an audience, always keep in mind the kind of community you want to build. Big brands have communities, even if you don’t realise you are part of it. With Coca Cola – if you drink it you likely mention you drink it, you speak of it fondly, you admire their advertising simply by making the purchase – you are part of their community. If you treat your customers well, they will speak well of you, and form part of your brand community. I personally am a huge fan of building community in advertising. If done well, your marketing will draw in like-minded people and studying your audience is hugely beneficial to your brand.

My last point is, if you have the money to afford a marketing professional who really knows their craft then go for it. It’s worth it if they can kick off things for you properly and get you noticed.
I hope this is somewhat helpful, feel free to ask any questions on the above through info@ciaramorgan.com or leave a comment below.

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