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Viva School of Dance


Viva School of Dance is a successful Dublin-based dance school run by Ksenia and Marcin for the past 12 years. Ksenia and Marcin’s reputation is flawless and travels fast by word of mouth, however, they were finding themselves struggling to build a social media platform because so much of their time is in physical classes and competitions. Their school raises children to become champion ballroom and latin dancers and they themselves are World Champions.


Ksenia and Marcin wanted to bring a community together on their Instagram and Facebook pages. They had a community of dancers and wanted to appeal to others who had never danced before and want to learn. With a plan forming for online dance classes due to the pandemic, we needed to come up with a strategy that brought the community together and felt more accessible to the general public.

Real People in Dancing shoes was born. I interviewed dancers about their backgrounds, what made them strive to be better, where they came from, why they dance. It was a huge hit across all platforms. Each post had three parts, each with a compelling story to tell of the dancers journey.

We started with Maura, the 86 year old dancer who took up dancing at 80, with the message of ‘it’s never too late’, we continued with Carl, the 15 year-old sick of being bullied for his choices and ready to take the world by storm with his passion for dance. Marcus and Donna, the trophy hunters, who enter every competition they possibly can. They started dancing together in their late 30’s, early 40’s, both with serious injuries but never let it stop them. The stories were beautiful, interesting and attention grabbing. I dressed the feed and broke it up with images of the dancers, testimonials, quotes and dance videos.

Instagram feed for Viva School of Dance

Ksenia and Marcin worked really hard to keep stories going and reels to take advantage of the algorithm. To launch online dance classes Ksenia and Marcin launched free teaser classes and reported a roaring success. The results of which are shown below.