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Important SEO elements for all Small Businesses

Important SEO elements for all Small Businesses

If you have a personal website or have had one created for your small business, you may wonder if it is necessary to have your SEO done. However, SEO for small businesses can be confusing when you’ve very little experience.

In this article, I will cover what SEO is and how it helps your business and why SEO is important, regardless of whether you are an SME or not. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In the simplest terms, this means that your site has a friendly relationship with Google. It may get on well with Google if it uses all the right things, or Google may ignore it at times because it doesn’t happen to be in sight. (I didn’t say it was a healthy friendly relationship!). 

Your site aims to help Google find it and assist the perfect customers for your business. 

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Important elements of SEO for Small Businesses

Target and niche audience personas

A niche and targeted audience with niche and targeted keywords draw in the exact customer you need and want. This is the bare minimum you need for your site.

Keywords for your business

Long-tail keywords are best for small businesses – email me at info@ciaramorgan.com and I will send you my Step-by-Step Guide to Keyword Research). Basic SEO using Yoast plugin and smartly utilising keywords in your description and content. Your content still needs to be snappy and interesting while incorporating keywords. 

Google Business record and Site Mapping

When you have your business on Google Business, it helps Google pull up your business to people who enter a search term. Asking customers to leave reviews on Google Business helps increase your visibility, and trustworthiness with Google (and future customers) and boosts your SEO overall. 

Blog, if relevant 

A blog isn’t always relevant so don’t have one for the sake of it. However, a blog can help once you use keywords, write them well and release them regularly. They will increase your reach, ranking and site domain rating over the years. 

Link building 

If you work with other businesses or do interviews, always link to your website from them and link to their reputable businesses too. This will not only help your SEO, but also your domain rating. 

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SEO isn’t a one-off

If you have worked with an SEO expert, you’ll know there is a small monthly fee to keep the services. This is because the expert will check each month how your site is running and ensure your keywords are still relevant.  

For SEO queries email Ciara at info@ciaramorgan.com.

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