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If you need advice on your website and it’s content, I can help guide you or rewrite your written content. I also review websites to report back the user experience and quality to help you have an excellent user experience and ensure an end goal of a sale or booking.

You need your content and hard work to get noticed and I want to get you there. There is something really satisfying in ensuring all of your content is optimised and reaching the right people. My goal with every client is to get you to that place of comfort.

SEO is one of those elusive terms we hear a lot but not many understand. It takes a lot of research and work but it is worth it with the great results it achieves.

No matter the document, I can edit it. I have edited websites and full magazines for a pharmaceutical company, along with articles from the parenting, entertainment, food, automotive, insurance and energy sectors.

Copywriting is my specialty! Getting to the heart of each article I write is something I get such a thrill from. Particularly if it is helpful content that will leave a reader thinking and make them want to come back time and time again. I am an SEO driven professional who will ensure all your written content performs the best it should.

I write for print, digital and social media. I write website content, blogs, email newsletters, social media posts etc. I have worked in the parenting, pharmaceutical, energy provider, entertainment, food and insurance sectors. Within these industries the subjects I have covered range from lifestyle, travel, parenting and recipes to serious interviews on equality in the workplace.

If a designer is required for a project, I have designers on-board when necessary.

What the hell is content strategy I hear you scream. Content strategy, in my opinion, is key to successful marketing campaigns. Content strategy ensures you are making the most of your videos, images and copywriting as it means you are assessing it regularly. I do full content reviews and strategy building for businesses to help them get on top of all their marketing needs.

Marketing campaigns are great fun! This is where we assess your audience needs and explore the best direction for your brand. We focus on ensuring you have the right messaging in the correct places and I listen to what you want and need. We then make a plan and put it in motion with a driven marketing campaign.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to learn the process of managing your website and social media content, I can train and guide you along the way until you feel completely comfortable with it. Once you are at the point where you feel confident with a good plan, I hand it over to you and happily watch your business grow.

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