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SEO for Businesses

Leave it to me, an SEO expert for businesses in Ireland, to elevate your website and give it the attention it deserves. I bring your website to new levels with a proven increase in traffic and effective keyword use to help you attract your ideal customer!

Imagine speaking directly to an ideal customer and getting them to the checkout each time they visit.

If you feel you’re doing all you can on social media, you are directing people to your site but are unable to secure as many sales as you’d like, or you would like to take a break every now and again and let your site do the work itself, it’s time for you to do your SEO.




The Facts:

Ireland is a small country where most sites are not optimised correctly! Typically small to medium businesses have just a handful of competitors, you can capitalise on that and start grabbing that first page on Google search for your dream clients’ search intents (the search people type into Google).

All of my clients have doubled their website impressions within 6 months of me doing the SEO for them. 

The Process:

From the time you get in touch, this is the process I use:

Cost: from €950

  1. Get in touch and ask for a copy of my package pricing
  2. Choose a package that you think may suit your business needs. We can then arrange a call to ensure we are a good fit
  3. Once we agree to go ahead and I provide free dates. You will need to pay a deposit of €100 to keep the date you choose.
  4. Before the work begins, I provide a contract for you to read and sign. Part of this contract stipulates paying half up front, and half when the project is nearly finished.
  5. Sign the contract
  6. Depending on which package you have chosen, I create a form or we arrange another call to go through all the relevant information I will need. This will include Login details to your website and Gmail account (for SEO work)
  7. I quietly work away. The only input I will need from you is if I have some copy changes to make and then there will be a final handover.

Once the SEO work is complete you will pay the final payment and keep feeding the SEO with a small few tips from me, watch your website traffic grow!