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Step-By-Step SEO Courses for Freelancers

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1:1 SEO Courses for Freelancers

Freelancers, I will take you through my full process from start to finish. Quality service means return custom and that is what I am most proud of at Ciara Morgan Marketing. Let me take you step-by-step through how I secure clients and ensure they get the best service!

You will learn the following for the grand total of €400:

  • How to secure clients
  • How to be transparent with clients
  • What SEO is and how it works for each client
  • We work on a site together from start to finish
  • The correct reports to run and how to use them
  • Competitor research
  • Buyer personas and how to apply them to content
  • Writing blogs and optimising them
  • Handover to your client
  • A full written step-by-step guide worth over €130

These sessions are 1:1 Zoom calls for one hour a week with homework and checkups in between. We agree on suitable times that suit us both and I will take you through the process with care and precision.
You will gain a great understanding of SEO and go on to build on that and find your ideal client!

How it works:

When you first get in touch we can talk through the course to make sure it’s right for you. We will then book a date that suits you and you pay a €100 deposit.

What you will get from the 1:1 SEO Course for Freelancers:

You will learn how to help clients and give them a great SEO service from beginning to end. All of my SEO client processes will be shared! No question is seen as stupid and you will feel comfortable and safe to ask anything you need. Walking away from this course, you will be able to charge clients for excellent SEO services which will help elevate their business and earnings.

Ciara Morgan from Ciara Morgan Marketing smiling at the camera

The Course:

Four one-hour calls through Zoom. With one bonus call if needed once you have your SEO in place! You receive a 50+ page guide with full step-step instructions and I support you throughout.


✔ Client website analysis
✔ Drawing up a contract
✔ Set up a Trello board
✔ The first client call
✔ Types of SEO


✔ Google Analytics
✔ Google Trends
✔ Google Search Console
✔ Competitor Research


✔ Keyword Research
✔ Persona Research and Tone of Voice
✔ Free SEO tools to use
✔ Plugins to use, if applicable
✔ Applying the research and doing your site SEO


✔ Applying the research and doing your site’s SEO CONT.
✔ Ensuring you fully understand the SEO written guide
✔ Going over any element you found difficult
✔ Blogs and how to keep SEO up to date
✔ Backlinks
✔ Client Handover

Things to Consider:

Why do this course? 

Being able to offer a quality SEO service from start to finish will have clients coming to you from all over the world. Start learning the craft and keep advancing on it over time and you will be unstoppable! You will have fantastic experiences getting to know small to medium business owners and earn money from it monthly.

Whether you’re a web developer, designer, PA or marketeer who wants to add to their services, I can help you do that.

You will need to be comfortable with tech!

While this course is designed to teach you SEO from scratch, you will need to have some comfort and working knowledge of website backends. This is to ensure you are comfortable applying SEO. It is easy to do once you are shown, so don’t let this put you off!

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