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Step-By-Step SEO Courses for Small Businesses

Learn to do your own SEO

1:1 SEO Courses for Small Businesses

Small business owners take control of your website and SEO. Learn how to use it efficiently and be found by your ideal customer!

You will complete the course with the following:

  • What SEO is and how it works for you
  • The correct reports to run and how to use them
  • Competitor research
  • Buyer personas and how to apply them to your content
  • Writing blogs and optimising them
  • Help with setting up SEO on your own site and education around how to benefit from it
  • A full written step-by-step guide worth over €130

These sessions are 1:1 zoom calls for one hour a week with homework and checkups in between. We agree on suitable times that suit us both and I will take you through the process with care and precision.
You will gain a great understanding of SEO and go on to build on that and be found by your ideal customers!

How it works:

When you first get in touch we can talk through the course to make sure it’s right for you. We will then book a date that suits you and you pay a €100 deposit.

What you will get from the 1:1 SEO Course for Small Businesses:

You will be able to do the SEO for your own site. The initial and most vital part of setting it up, but you will also learn skills to ensure you can continue to nurture your site and continue excelling with SEO. You will be confident in your website and business and your site will be found by your ideal customer!

Your business will be elevated by SEO which will help you achieve more sales or enquiries and makes your site work for you!

Ciara Morgan from Ciara Morgan Marketing smiling at the camera with a book in hand

The Course:

Four one-hour calls through Zoom. With one bonus call if needed once you have your SEO in place! You receive a 50+ page guide with full step-step instructions and I support you throughout.

Each week you will have assigned tasks to carry out on your website. This is to ensure you understand how to do it and can continue to understand when it comes to refreshing your SEO. The goal of this course is to empower business owners to take control of their SEO and solidify their place amongst competitors.

Cost: €400


✔ What is SEO
✔ Do an analysis of your own site
✔ How to carry out competitor research
✔ Setting up your Google Suite


✔ Google Analytics
✔ Google Trends
✔ Google Search Console
✔ Persona Research and Tone of Voice
✔ Keyword Research


✔ Keyword Research CONT.
✔ Free SEO tools to use
✔ Plugins to use, if applicable
✔ Applying the research and doing your site SEO


✔ Applying the research and doing your site’s SEO CONT.
✔ Ensuring you fully understand the SEO written guide
✔ Going over any element you found difficult
✔ Blogs and how to keep SEO up to date
✔ Backlinks

Things to Consider:

Why do this course? 

Taking control of your own SEO will help with every aspect of marketing for your business. We should use keywords and certain phrases throughout social media, blog posts and general website content. You’ll learn to be consistent. It will even save you thousands in the future that you might spend on an expert to do it for you and earn you money when you use it for your products and services!

Can I earn money from SEO?  

Every product you put up on your site can be optimised, therefore if it is reaching your target audience, that equals €€! If you are a blogger you could potentially move onto affiliate marketing as your consistent quality and great SEO pulls in more and more eyes!

Do I need to be tech savvy? 

You will need to be tech savvy. I steer clear of SEO lingo where possible but you will actively be working on the backend of your site, so a working knowledge of your site or at least a willingness to learn it is perfect.